Well, Winnipeg. Unlike last year, we are truly living up to our nickname, “Winterpeg” this time around.  Lots and lots of snow, and extreme low temperatures have slowed down many construction projects this Winter, but we’re on the up and up, as the worst of it should pretty much be in our rear view mirrors.  With Spring on the horizon, count on things to get right back on track, and for life in general to be a bit busier for us all.  Spring time is a time of year when many people decide to move.  If you, or somebody you know is planning a move, make sure to check out our great moving box rental packages, and Simplify Your Move.  Here at Binz, we are working on some new marketing ideas to spread the word about our moving boxes. So make sure to keep your eyes open for our logo and ads, or for our trailer out cruising the streets of Winnipeg.  Let’s make cardboard boxes a thing of the past when it comes to moving!  Not only are they a hassle to find, they are an even bigger hassle to get rid of, and are much worse for the Environment than our eco-friendly Binz.

Take pride, Winnipeg, and don’t forget to stay warm!


Binz moving boxes

Stairway to Binz


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