So, it’s Winter and you can’t fit your car in your garage.

Winter in Winnipeg is inevitable. It happens year after year, no matter how much we pray for it not to! And with Winter comes some extreme temperatures and conditions. Our vehicles can really take a toll during the Winter if being exposed to the elements all day and all night for 5 cold months in a row. Luckily you have that garage, right? A nice sheltered area to park your vehicle and prolong it’s life. UNLESS, your garage is more of a storage area, a place you store all that “useful” stuff that isn’t your vehicle. Sound familiar? Well you certainly aren’t alone. It’s an all too common scenario. Garages can get so filled up with junk and clutter that you can’t even fit your vehicle into it. Are you seeing the problem here? Now surely, a lot of that stuff piled up in the garage is in fact useful. But let me assure you that some of it might be better off in a different home, or perhaps some items are flat out past their expiration date. It can be a daunting task, but de-cluttering your garage to make space for your vehicle in the Winter is one task that once completed, you’ll be sure to not regret. But where do you even begin? Well, let me give you some tips on where to start, and let’s get that vehicle indoors, where it belongs.

1. Set aside an entire weekend to complete this task. Pick a weekend on your calendar, circle it, and stick to the plan!

2. You’ll want to sort items into at least 3 different categories: Keepers, Sell/Donate, and Trash. To be better organized when the time comes, I suggest buying some large, plastic bins for items you will be keeping, and renting a dumpster (preferably from BINZ!) to toss out the garbage items. You should also purchase some racking or shelves, to store the items that you will in fact be hanging on to. It can be difficult to decide whether to hang on to something to throw it out, but I say, if you really have to think about it, then toss it in the bin. Determine which items you might be able to sell on Kijiji or Ebay, but don’t wait to post your ads, do it right away! Some items such as clothing and toys may also be worth donating, but again, take them to the donation depot right away, and don’t let it drag out.

3. Once you’ve got some space cleared up, set up your racking/shelves, and fill them up with the labeled bins. Storing items in labeled containers as opposed to just loosely, keeps a nice, clean look, and you’ll never be searching through piles of junk to find your useful items again.

4. Sweep out the garage floor and perhaps even mop the floor. I mean you’re already on a roll, so why not?

5. Finally, drive that car into the garage, and pat yourself on the back.

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  • Whomever does your article writing realli deserves a pat on the back! Its funny though. , it feels like your article has been written about our family. This is exactly what we need to do!

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