Important notice about dump fees in Winnipeg

You may or may not have noticed a fairly steep increase in the price of the dump fees listed on our website in the last month or so… Let me start by explaining that this number is not controlled by companies like ours, but rather by the landfills around Winnipeg. Namely, the Brady Road landfill and the BFI owned landfill on the North Perimeter. As of February 1, 2014, both landfills increased their commercial/residential tipping fees to $59.50 per metric tonne of waste, up from $43.50 per tonne. More than a 36% increase!! You can thank your City council for this, as they passed it first, then the other landfills just followed suit. As a bin rental company based in Winnipeg, we, and all of our competitors have been forced to raise our prices as well. You see, we make pretty much nothing off of the “dump fees” that we charge to you, so if we did not charge the same as the landfills, we would be losing money on every load we took there.  Although there is virtually nothing we can do to combat these increasing rates, I figured I would just shed a bit of light on the situation, as there has been pretty much no press releases on this issue, and as far as I’m aware, no real justification for it. With that being said, Manitoba has always been known for having lower landfill fees compared to most of the country, and I believe this increase simply puts us at about par with most other provinces. Not the news any of us ever wants to hear, but this is the unfortunate truth.

Don’t shoot the messenger 🙂


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