It’s that time of year again

Congratulations, Winnipeg! We finally made it through the worst Winter, weather-wise in over a century! Not going to lie, this past Winter was not spectacular for a lot of businesses within the construction and trades industries, including ours. But it’s all in the past now, and we can shift our focus on to Spring, and then further on to Summer. Springtime is a time for change. The weather changes, the trees start to bloom, and the grass turns green. The birds return home, and we come out of hibernation. I find that just a bit of nice weather, can really boost my overall morale, spirits and motivation. I do not think I am alone in this. Springtime is the time for getting that yard back in order, whether it’s replacing an old shed, garage, deck, patio, or even the shingles on your house. Maybe this is the year you build that rock garden and pond in your back yard?, break-up that old concrete pad that’s been chipping away for years now, or cut down that troublesome tree that’s now growing into the side of your house? No matter which of these jobs you may be tackling this season, I am here to remind you that a bin rental from Binz Container Service can help you out tremendously. Renting a bin saves you multiple trips to the landfill, which saves you an almost guaranteed flat-tire. You only have to load the bin one time with your waste, and that part of your job is done. If you were to haul away your waste to the landfill in a pick-up truck, you have to first load the truck bed, which sits about 4 feet in the air, drive to the landfill, and then unload the truck bed. And that is only 1 of your loads!

So, take advantage of this lovely weather, get out there and tackle some projects!



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