BINZ has 2 sizes of dumpsters to serve you.

 10 cubic yards and 20 cubic yards.

All binz are equipped with a gate located at the back to ensure all items, small or big, can easily be placed in the the bin. BINZ uses a roll-off trailer system and 1-ton truck to deliver and pick up it’s dumpster binz. This allows us to enter smaller spaces that a big 3 or 5-ton truck simply could not enter to deliver your bin in the most convenient spot for you, the customer.

We care about your property, and our drivers take every precaution to make sure that your personal property is not damaged while dropping off or picking up a bin.


10 cubic yards: 8’x 10’x 5’

This is our most popular choice. Ideal for residential job sites and for such items as: doors, drywall, old flooring, shingles, yard scraps, etc. One loaded bin is the equivalent to about 3 or 4 loads in a truck bed. Renting a bin for your job will save you several trips to the landfill, as well as plenty of time and a lot of heavy lifting.


20 cubic yards: 8’x 14’x 6’

Primarily used for commercial needs, but also great for loading several larger items such as: furnaces, appliances, old furniture, or even an entire garage demolition. If your job is one that produces a lot of waste, then the 20 cubic yard bin is right for you.