Moving Binz

Stacks of our moving boxes for rent in Winnipeg

Moving Boxes for Rent in Winnipeg


Step aside, cardboard, make way for BINZ.  Face it, moving is difficult, stressful and not a lot of fun! With our eco-friendly moving boxes, your moving experience is sure to be simplified. Not only are our moving boxes stackable and affordable they are also environmentally friendly!
Traditionally, cardboard boxes are used to move, but where does one get these boxes? Most people purchase cardboard boxes, and some scavenge the back alleys at their Winnipeg grocery store, which takes time and effort. Once you have those cardboard boxes you still need to construct them, again consuming time that could be spent packing.
Binz wants to save your time and effort, as well as our environment. So pick up the phone because unlike your local grocery store, we will deliver the moving boxes right to your door!  You tell us where to drop them off and we’ll be there. When you’ve settled into your new Winnipeg home, we’ll be there to pick up the moving boxes. It’s just that easy. So save your precious time and call BINZ.