Eliminate your need for cardboard boxes! With our standard size moving boxes:  27″ X 20″ X 15″ binz are  42% bigger than most of our competitors’. Bigger binz equals less binz, which means less handling for you or your moving company. Our binz come with attached/hinged lids, which allows them to nest into each other when they are empty. Once full, and the lids are closed, they become stackable. BINZ also feature ergonomic handles making them easy to carry, just another advantage over cardboard.

Here are a few more reasons why BINZ is the simple, affordable and green way to move.


You can count on BINZ to keep your belongings safe and dry.  Even in the rain or snow, our BINZ will not get soft and weak like your traditional cardboard. Our BINZ are made of industrial grade plastic and have secure lids which lock into place keeping your belongings safe at all times.


Unlike cardboard boxes, which come in many shapes and sizes, BINZ standard sized moving boxes stack securely on top of one another, making transporting several BINZ on a dolly a very easy way to move.


Our BINZ are well-priced for every move, with different packages available it’s just a matter of which one is right for you. BINZ pricing structure has been created to make your move convenient and cost-effective. Go ahead and compare our prices to the cost of purchasing cardboard boxes, we did!