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If you’ve got a real Christmas tree, then you’ve got a real problem when it comes to getting rid of it after the holidays. The City won’t take it, you can’t sell it on Kijiji, and nobody will accept it as a hand-me-down.


BINZ is here to the rescue!

During the entire month of January, we are offering pick-up and recycling service of used Christmas trees in Winnipeg


How does it work?

Simply leave your undecorated tree at the end of your driveway or in your back lane space, and we will come by on an agreed date and recycle it for you.

*Please do not have the tree in a plastic bag , as we cannot dispose of the bag at the tree recycling depot.



How much will this incredible service cost you?

We will pick up your old tree for just one easy payment of $20.00. Cash only, please


How can you arrange for this incredible service to happen?

To arrange a pick-up, please contact Dustin either by e-mail, at, or by phone or text at 204-981-8091.

It’s that time of year again

Congratulations, Winnipeg! We finally made it through the worst Winter, weather-wise in over a century! Not going to lie, this past Winter was not spectacular for a lot of businesses within the construction and trades industries, including ours. But it’s all in the past now, and we can shift our focus on to Spring, and then further on to Summer. Springtime is a time for change. The weather changes, the trees start to bloom, and the grass turns green. The birds return home, and we come out of hibernation. I find that just a bit of nice weather, can really boost my overall morale, spirits and motivation. I do not think I am alone in this. Springtime is the time for getting that yard back in order, whether it’s replacing an old shed, garage, deck, patio, or even the shingles on your house. Maybe this is the year you build that rock garden and pond in your back yard?, break-up that old concrete pad that’s been chipping away for years now, or cut down that troublesome tree that’s now growing into the side of your house? No matter which of these jobs you may be tackling this season, I am here to remind you that a bin rental from Binz Container Service can help you out tremendously. Renting a bin saves you multiple trips to the landfill, which saves you an almost guaranteed flat-tire. You only have to load the bin one time with your waste, and that part of your job is done. If you were to haul away your waste to the landfill in a pick-up truck, you have to first load the truck bed, which sits about 4 feet in the air, drive to the landfill, and then unload the truck bed. And that is only 1 of your loads!

So, take advantage of this lovely weather, get out there and tackle some projects!



Important notice about dump fees in Winnipeg

You may or may not have noticed a fairly steep increase in the price of the dump fees listed on our website in the last month or so… Let me start by explaining that this number is not controlled by companies like ours, but rather by the landfills around Winnipeg. Namely, the Brady Road landfill and the BFI owned landfill on the North Perimeter. As of February 1, 2014, both landfills increased their commercial/residential tipping fees to $59.50 per metric tonne of waste, up from $43.50 per tonne. More than a 36% increase!! You can thank your City council for this, as they passed it first, then the other landfills just followed suit. As a bin rental company based in Winnipeg, we, and all of our competitors have been forced to raise our prices as well. You see, we make pretty much nothing off of the “dump fees” that we charge to you, so if we did not charge the same as the landfills, we would be losing money on every load we took there.  Although there is virtually nothing we can do to combat these increasing rates, I figured I would just shed a bit of light on the situation, as there has been pretty much no press releases on this issue, and as far as I’m aware, no real justification for it. With that being said, Manitoba has always been known for having lower landfill fees compared to most of the country, and I believe this increase simply puts us at about par with most other provinces. Not the news any of us ever wants to hear, but this is the unfortunate truth.

Don’t shoot the messenger 🙂


So, it’s Winter and you can’t fit your car in your garage.

Winter in Winnipeg is inevitable. It happens year after year, no matter how much we pray for it not to! And with Winter comes some extreme temperatures and conditions. Our vehicles can really take a toll during the Winter if being exposed to the elements all day and all night for 5 cold months in a row. Luckily you have that garage, right? A nice sheltered area to park your vehicle and prolong it’s life. UNLESS, your garage is more of a storage area, a place you store all that “useful” stuff that isn’t your vehicle. Sound familiar? Well you certainly aren’t alone. It’s an all too common scenario. Garages can get so filled up with junk and clutter that you can’t even fit your vehicle into it. Are you seeing the problem here? Now surely, a lot of that stuff piled up in the garage is in fact useful. But let me assure you that some of it might be better off in a different home, or perhaps some items are flat out past their expiration date. It can be a daunting task, but de-cluttering your garage to make space for your vehicle in the Winter is one task that once completed, you’ll be sure to not regret. But where do you even begin? Well, let me give you some tips on where to start, and let’s get that vehicle indoors, where it belongs.

1. Set aside an entire weekend to complete this task. Pick a weekend on your calendar, circle it, and stick to the plan!

2. You’ll want to sort items into at least 3 different categories: Keepers, Sell/Donate, and Trash. To be better organized when the time comes, I suggest buying some large, plastic bins for items you will be keeping, and renting a dumpster (preferably from BINZ!) to toss out the garbage items. You should also purchase some racking or shelves, to store the items that you will in fact be hanging on to. It can be difficult to decide whether to hang on to something to throw it out, but I say, if you really have to think about it, then toss it in the bin. Determine which items you might be able to sell on Kijiji or Ebay, but don’t wait to post your ads, do it right away! Some items such as clothing and toys may also be worth donating, but again, take them to the donation depot right away, and don’t let it drag out.

3. Once you’ve got some space cleared up, set up your racking/shelves, and fill them up with the labeled bins. Storing items in labeled containers as opposed to just loosely, keeps a nice, clean look, and you’ll never be searching through piles of junk to find your useful items again.

4. Sweep out the garage floor and perhaps even mop the floor. I mean you’re already on a roll, so why not?

5. Finally, drive that car into the garage, and pat yourself on the back.

If this is your garage, then this article is for you

Could Spring finally be upon us?

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Spring? Well, sort of.  The groundhog did us no favours this year, and many of us are still reminiscing about getting our yards ready, being out on the golf courses, and enjoying an actual Spring at this time last year.  But never fear, Spring will be here sooner or later. And you know what that means- SPRING CLEANING!  As we get out from our Winter hibernation, and the snow begins to disappear, we are left with a soggy, yellow yard, perhaps a pile of scraps from a Winter renovation project, and an actual will to spend some time outdoors. Our spirits and motivations are at an all-time high and this is the season to get stuff done. Whether you are planning on de-cluttering your house, tearing down that old fence, re-shingling your roof, building a new deck, tearing down that old shed, tackling a landscaping project, or clearing out space in your garage for that new Summer toy, you undoubtedly will need a place to chuck all your junk.  Sure, you could borrow your brother in law’s truck, take 3 or 4 runs to the landfill, get a flat tire while being there, replace his tire for him, and return the truck… Or you could just give BINZ a call.  We’ll deliver a bin right to your property, and take it away for you when you’re done with it.  We know how valuable your time is, and that is why we are committed to saving it for you.

So before you tackle that project this Spring, think ahead and contact BINZ. We’ll set you up with the right sized bin for your job, and help you move right along, so you can go ahead and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Helping you move on from the loss of a loved one

There are few things more difficult in life than mourning the loss of a loved one.  It can take weeks, or even months to get come to terms with what has happened, and to pick up the broken pieces that were left behind by the life lost.  Death, as we know however, is inevitable.  For the immediate family of the deceased, the list of duties to be completed after death can become quite overwhelming. After the funeral, there is the will and sorting out which of the possessions of the deceased will be getting passed down to different family members.  Often times, there will be many items from the estate that will be left unclaimed.  What to do now? It can be very difficult, but in some cases the best way to move on is to dispose of the majority of the deceased belongings’.  We at BINZ have dealt with many customers who have decided to go this route.  We can deliver a container to the estate, and from there the family can decide which items they’d like to hang on to, and which ones can be disposed. It is a great way for a family to get together and work together after the death of a loved one.  Getting together like this and making these decisions can really help a family get through the grieving process together.  It gives the family the opportunity to work at their own pace and make the right decisions. Essentially, Helping you move on.


Well, Winnipeg. Unlike last year, we are truly living up to our nickname, “Winterpeg” this time around.  Lots and lots of snow, and extreme low temperatures have slowed down many construction projects this Winter, but we’re on the up and up, as the worst of it should pretty much be in our rear view mirrors.  With Spring on the horizon, count on things to get right back on track, and for life in general to be a bit busier for us all.  Spring time is a time of year when many people decide to move.  If you, or somebody you know is planning a move, make sure to check out our great moving box rental packages, and Simplify Your Move.  Here at Binz, we are working on some new marketing ideas to spread the word about our moving boxes. So make sure to keep your eyes open for our logo and ads, or for our trailer out cruising the streets of Winnipeg.  Let’s make cardboard boxes a thing of the past when it comes to moving!  Not only are they a hassle to find, they are an even bigger hassle to get rid of, and are much worse for the Environment than our eco-friendly Binz.

Take pride, Winnipeg, and don’t forget to stay warm!


Binz moving boxes

Stairway to Binz


Some helpful tips on de-cluttering

If you are planning on listing your home in the future, we’ve got a couple of tips for you on de-cluttering to increase the value of your home.  In many cases, people list their homes, and after several showings, sell the home and get ready to move.  A lot of our customers who rent a dumpster bin are people who are moving; so they rent a bin to throw out a bunch of old junk they don’t want to take with them to their new home. More often than not, they do this just a few days before they need to be out of the house.  I’m just here to say today that there is a better way!  It involves doing the exact same amount of work as you would if you were de-cluttering just before your move, and it could actually end up putting a few thousand dollars in your pocket! What is this magical trick, you ask? De-clutter your home before putting it on the market. A neat, clutter-free home shows much better to potential home-buyers.  It gives you a chance to show off some elements of the house that otherwise maybe wouldn’t be noticeable if the house was full of clutter.  The better a home shows, the more it will sell for. It’s really that simple. Even if you don’t want to throw out many items, getting them out of sight from the potential buyers is important. A good way to do this without throwing everything out, is to store the items out of sight. Our plastic moving  binz are perfect for this. You can fill up 10-15 binz and store them in your garage, basement or off-site storage facility to keep your clutter out of the view of potential buyers. So whatever your needs are, Binz has a de-cluttering solution for you! And just remember, de-clutter before you list. You’ll thank us in the long run.

The leaves they are a fallin’

Well, here we are- already the end of September. Summer has once again come and gone. While there are still plenty of yard work projects that will still be completed before the snow falls, most peoples’ focus has switched to an interior home renovation project to complete over the Fall/Winter. And with no NHL or Jets games scheduled for the foreseeable future, there’s no better time to get started than now! Whether you plan on updating your bathroom, kitchen or basement, chances are you’ll be ripping down drywall/plaster, taking down studs, or ripping out flooring. Maybe all 3. Before you just throw all your demolition debris out the back door, you should think about planning ahead. Book a dumpster rental from BINZ. We’ll drop off the bin in a convenient location for you. You fill it up with all your waste, and we’ll haul it away. That’s all there is to it. Or perhaps it’s too late, and you already have that big pile of waste sitting in your back yard.  Don’t let it sit there under the snow all Winter! Get a bin for just 1 day, load it up and sleep easy. Whatever your needs are, Binz can handle pretty much any job. So before you make a mess of your yard, plan ahead and give us a call!