Recycle your Shingles!

As Summer keeps moving along, more and more Winnipeggers are getting their roofs re-shingled.  Some homeowners choose to do it themselves, as other hire a professional to take care of the job.  Regardless of who does the work, your shingles can be recycled! There are 2 shingle recycling centres here in Winnipeg, and BINZ uses both of them as much as possible.  These recycling centres take the used shingles and make new asphalt out of them, used for paving roads, driveways, etc… And if you still need any more incentive to recycle your shingles, these centres charge less money than the landfills to dispose of your shingles.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind, if you’re thinking of re-roofing your home, and want your shingles to be recycled.

– Make sure you rent a dumpster bin from BINZ! Our 10 cubic yard binz are perfect for a re-roofing job that requires anything up to 100 bundles of shingles.  We will guide you through the instructions on ensuring that your shingles can be recycled, and by doing so, we will save you some money while doing our environment a solid.

– If you are hiring a roofer, make sure to mention that you want your shingles recycled.  Most roofers are environmentally responsible when it comes to this, but not all! There should be no reason why your shingles cannot be recycled.

For more information on these 2 recycling centres in Winnipeg, check out these sites:


Well, it took us a while, but we’ve finally got our decals installed on our dumpster binz. After much debate over whether to paint or decal, what design to go with, and how big to make them, we are very pleased with the outcome!  Thanks to the great folks at One Plus One design and Illustration for the great design, once again. So when you see that orange bin sitting on a construction site in your area, there will be no question that it’s Binz helping out on the job.  Now if only our newly purchased dumpster binz would arrive, we could start servicing even more jobsites in and around the city.

Moving right along…

Things over here at BINZ have been pretty hectic as of late. We’re coming off of our 2 busiest weeks in a row, finding new uses for our dumpster bins, and of course, running into a few “technical difficulties” with getting flat tires.  All in all, it is great to see the renovation industry booming, and great to see all the DIY handymen (and women!) taking on these jobs all on their own. We’ve done everything from helping a homeowner load up a couple of bins and removing their scrap material for them, to hauling an entire house  in 7 loads, over  2 days for a demolition company, to removing such items as soil and concrete for customers in and environmentally responsible manner.  Keep an eye for our uniquely Orange bins being used at a residence in your community, and remember that BINZ is your convenient choice for dumpster bin rentals in Winnipeg!

A small demolished house in Winnipeg got taken to the landfill in 7 loads of our 20 cubic yard bin

Spring is in the air

March 21 marked the first official day of Spring, and although it may have felt more like Summer there for a few days, we are now back to reality.  And the reality of it all, is that Spring is messy. The roads are a mess, our yards are a mess, and for a lot of us, our garages and basements are a mess! So if you’re planning on doing some Spring cleaning this year, chances are you’ll want to make the process as less painful as possible.  Renting one of our dumpster BINZ for your clean-up can save you a lot of time, as well as several unpleasant trips to the landfill, so you can have more time to enjoy with your family and friends. So, get out there and clean out your space! Load up all of your junk into one of our BINZ and spend your free time the way it was meant to be spent, and leave the nasty trips to landfill up to your friends at Binz.

What A Winter

We’ve only been in business for a short 2 months, but (so far) this Winter could not have been kinder to both myself, and to the many Winnipeger’s who have decided to tackle a home renovation project. We’ve been providing dumpster bin service for many homeowners, doing all different types of reno’s as well as providing our bins for a couple of contractors. So many people have been benefiting from our service (and the mild temps), that for the first time, this upcoming long-weekend, we are all rented out of our dumpster binz. As exciting as this is, it means we have some work to do to keep up to the demand. We are already looking at adding more dumpster binz to our fleet to be certain that we are prepared for the upcoming Spring. Keep up the hard work, Winnipeg, I know that at Binz Container Service Ltd. we will be doing the same.


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Welcome to BINZ Containers!

Welcome to Binz Container Service LTD. BINZ  is a new and locally owned/operated business running out of Winnipeg, MB.  BINZ was opened by Winnipegger, Dustin Lagasse who decided to start the business after noticing both the housing and construction markets increasing more and more over the last several years. With the Jets back in town, and a few major buildings going up in the next couple of years, it is undeniable that Winnipeg is well on it’s way to becoming one of the premier cities in Canada!

Offering two different, yet somewhat similar services, we are extremely excited and proud to be a part of the booming atmosphere in Winnipeg, as well as servicing the great people and businesses!  “Convenience for our customer” is the fuel that burns the BINZ fire, so give us a try. Let our customer service be a wonderful compliment to our great products.
So whether you are looking to simplify your move with our eco-friendly moving binz, or need a dumpster bin on your construction or cleanup site, remember that BINZ is always here to help!